Bob Sherlock

Buckle #38

Dear friends,
It is with a heavy heart that I pass the following news on to you.
Bob was a great friend, and a wild cowboy to ride with.  He proudly wore belt buckle #38, and he will be missed.
In keeping with Bob's spirit, perhaps a fitting epitaph would be:
"You ask me did I know Bob Sherlock?
"I had luuuunch with Bob Sherlock!"
And I am proud of it.
Jack Denove
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From:  Ferrell, Susan  M.
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2005 2:00  PM
Subject: Bob Sherlock
Attention:  John Denove
Hi Jack
I am Bob's former girlfriend and  secretary.   Over the years we became best of friends.  You may  remember me from some of the Cowboy Lawyer rides.  You gave me one of  your wonderful massages as we sat around the evening campfire on one of our  overnight rides.
I am sad to let you know that Bob has passed  away.  He learned he had lung cancer about a year ago and moved to  Washington in July to live with me.  I wanted to let you know so you  could pass the news along to anyone who knew him.  I also wanted to share  the email that his partner, Peter Felchlin, sent out to his colleagues.   It is a wonderful tribute to Bob.
Hope all is well with you and your family.  
Greetings Everyone:  
It is with great sadness that I am called  upon to announce the passing of Bob Sherlock, former Resident Attorney for the  Pasadena Field Legal Office for Liberty Mutual. Bob died this morning after a  year long battle with cancer. He retired last May after a rich career in both  claims, field legal and as an outside attorney on Liberty's approved  panel.
Bob was graduate of Boston College. He started his  career with Liberty over three decades ago after he returned from his second  tour of duty in Vietnam. He initially worked as an adjuster in the Los Angeles  Claims Office for Liberty. He studied law at night, and became a member of the  California State Bar in 1976. From that point on, he practiced law in Southern  California. For almost thirty years, he specialized in personal injury law. He  was a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of ABOTA, the premier association of  trial lawyers in the United States. He rejoined Liberty as Resident Attorney  in 1998, and worked in that capacity until his retirement.
Bob's recreational activities were quite varied.  During the time I knew him, he was a scuba diver, a polo player, a founding  member of the Cowboy Lawyers Association and an avid hiker.
I worked with Bob since 1986, and found him to be  one of the best trial attorneys I have ever encountered. He provided me with  insights into the trial process and human psychology that have proven  invaluable. He brought a wonderful, wry sense of humor to his practice of the  law, and a willingness to try anything, even the hardest of cases. He was a  wonderful mentor, partner and boss.
Bob never had any children. He is survived by a  sister in Virginia and his long time friend and companion Susan Ferrell, who  cared for Bob in his final days.
As many of you know, Bob was a very private person.  Thus, he did not wish to have a funeral or memorial service. In lieu of cards  or flowers, or any thing of that nature, I think Bob would suggest that each  of you pick something simple that you really like to do, and go out and do  it.