Empty Saddle 

I was stuck in Kansas City

When the word came down the wire

There’s a cowboy who’s gone missin’

They’ll soon light a funeral pyre


For Bob Sherlock won’t be ridin’

Down the trail with us no more

Out in old Dodge City Kansas

Old men talk about the lore


Of that one tough desperado

Who with Pancho Villa dined

And whose string of polo ponies

Were so handsome and refined


And ‘bout how he loved the ladies

And the ladies loved him so

And ‘bout how he’d wine and dine them

And then pay them just to go


So I listened to that prairie wind

Cold and whistle’n down the plain

And I thought I heard the whisperin’

Of old Frank and Jesse James


Talkin’ ‘bout their newest partner

On that grand eternal trail

Out there on the route that Chisholm blazed

After he left life’s travails


It runs to the highest pastures

Where the grass is always green

Way past Witchita and Ellsworth

Junction City, Abilene


All the way into the highest skies

It’s where the cowboys go

When they finish with their labors

In this cold world here below


So farewell you old cowpuncher

We are missin’ you today

We wished we’d had more ridin’ time with you ourselves

Before you went away


November 29, 2005

Kansas City, MO

W.A. "Bill" Daniels, Po8