by W. A. "Bill" Daniels (Po8)


"There's Bears here," Jack and Mary said,

The camp was filled with tension.

In tent and truck and 4x4

the threat was all we'd mention.


"I got my gun," Borsari said,

"Those Bears had best lie low!"

We hid his ammunition

lest he lose another toe.


One largish Bear with hunger pangs

a dumpster he did toss.

But Margie in her p.j.'s bright,

she showed him who was boss.


"Now Bears, you've got to understand,"

Scott Haith he did declare.

He stood guard by his ice chest

in his flannel underwear.


Dear Gretchen and her father, Jim,

there's smartness in that clan.

"Dad needs his medication,"

and then off to town they ran.


So Joan Probst and our T Walsh,

they devised a fresh approach.

This happened after mama Bear

with claws their tent did broach.


"We'll let old Pat stand guard outside,

We know he'll fight quite well."

"And as for Joan and I," T said,

"well, we'll just run like hell."


Now Brian, he's a cowboy true,

and logic is his still.

So he just packed his cowboy gear

and camped up on the hill.


"Those Bears want food," old Brian said,

"and all the food's down there.

So sitting high upon my hill

will keep me free from Bear."


Tamia brought her teddy bear

and kept it held close by.

"I want to clutch my teddy close

if I'm about to die."


"We'll post some guards!" Mike Lyden said,

while fiddling with his cap.

"I nominate the rest of you."

He went to take a nap.


Then, Dee, while at the campfire

had a visit from a Bear.

It tore her tent, but what the heck,

at least she wasn't there.


Brave Val and Jim, they stood their ground,

their hearts did not have fear.

It could have been they were confused,

we won't discuss that here.


Big Jerry and his spouse did hide

inside their motorhome.

They figured Bears that misbehave

had best be left alone.


Chris Rolin and his Debbie knew

exactly how to cope.

So Chris duly suspended Deb

high in a tree with rope.


Big Bill he got up in the dark,

when clanking he did hear.

He didn't fear for life or limb,

his thoughts were with the beer.


"What if the Bears are drinkers?"

Bill, he asked with some alarm

And so, he sat watch by the fire

to save the bar from harm.


A bear with cocktail in his paw,

our watchful Bill did see.

"They've gone too far!" he did proclaim,

and ran it up a tree.*


And so, in our forelorness

we petitioned old Lee Graham.

Cause he will always bail us out

when we don't have a plan.


"The answer's plain as plain can be,"

Lee Graham he drawled out slow.

"Just charge the Bears a ride fee

and, away, they're sure to go."




/signed/  W.A. "Bill" Daniels, Po8


(*Note, I wrote all of this except the "cocktail" verse

which is Brian's and it seems to fit so there it is. bd)