by W. A. "Bill" Daniels (Po8)


The coyote climbed on a rock and he cried,
To the fir and the oak and the far and wide,
“Make a way forest children, you’d best stand aside,
It’s the CLA 20th Anniversary Ride.”

Now I’d heard that this group had declared they’d appear,
At old Camp Cuyumaca to commune with the deer,
And the turkeys and rattlers and red wine and beer,
In the spring month of May in ’09, that’s the year.

Brian Faulkner was president, in a recycled phase,
Brother Bud the ride chair, give him nothing but praise,
Cause for three days and nights all our bellies were filled,
And we rode trails for hours, with none of us killed.

Some reports from the bluejays who recorded the scene,
And their comments about how we kept the camp clean,
And in shov’ling manure could appear so serene,
A rare skill honed in court, if you know what I mean.

Now I personally stumbled on curious toil,
Brian Margie 150 commencing to boil,
Cowboy coffee with grounds kind of resembling soil,
And that fine thick consistency of 30 weight oil,

So I guess I will leave the forest children this note,
And depend on coyote to read what I wrote,
Cause the forest should learn of the friendship and pride,
That us cowboys and cowgirls feel deep down inside,
On this CLA 20th Ann-uh-ver-sah-ree ride.